Careers started out as a result of the 2008-09 recession, when our founder, Gary Hansen, was laid-off from his Director of HR position? He went to his pastor asking for guidance. His pastor confessed his own frustrations about wanting to provide actionable guidance. Sure, he could pray with folks, but he also wanted to give people some ideas for tangible next steps. That's when Careers was born. Gary knew with his HR background that he could give the faith community the wisdom, skills, and insights they needed to reenter the workforce in not just a job, but a job that fit their God-given skills, aptitudes, and interests. Of course, Careers has grown to include student packages, help for people needing a career change, and those who desire to climb the corporate ladder. But it all started from a season of economic downturn and uncertainty. Is there something stirring in your mind that you think you might pursue? If so, play around with it. You never know what it might lead to. Be encouraged today. Things really do work together for good. Click here to listen to Gary's inspirational story on the Life On Purpose podcast.