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I heard about Careers With A Purpose the day after I lost my job. The coaching touched on both the spiritual and skill gaps I had in finding a job. The coaching on reorganizing my resume really helped. I landed a job within 30 days and credit Careers With A Purpose for building my confidence in my job search.

~ Scott

We provide you with “Directional Wisdom” so you can:

Save Time & Money

For less than one credit hour of college tuition we can help you find your best career path.

Live With Purpose

You have been given a gift from God to inspire and assist others. We help you match this gift with career occupations.

ID Superpowers

You have something that you do better than most people. Articulating your gifting sets you apart from the pack. It also frees you to see value in others.

Explore Options

Ability is just part of the equation. We will help you chart a path so you can step into your new career with confidence.

Careers With A Purpose gave us a peace about helping our son choose a career path. We now have a clear, unbiased understanding of his God-given abilities, talents, and gifts instead of basing it on what he thought and what we saw in him. We feel very blessed to have found this program and are recommending it to others!

~ Tracie (Proud parent of High School Jr.)

We help you understand your unique fit in the job market

“In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well.”

Romans 12:6

Survival is tiring. Gain insight and details so you can find a career that lets you thrive. High job fit scores indicate professions that you'll be excited about for a long period of time.

You’re Great At It: Understanding your gifts and talents lets you narrow your search to jobs you will truly enjoy

You Love Doing It: Matching what you're great at with what you love to do allows you to thrive.

The World Needs It: Ability is just part of the equation. There are many other questions we help clients ask before settling in on a career.

You Are Paid For It: Focus your search on jobs that will pay you enough to live a contented lifestyle.

I enlisted in the US Navy during the Viet Nam era. After years of frustrating jobs, I learned through Careers With A Purpose about my skill set and matching careers. Since then, I have been blessed with fulfilling employment that matches my skills.

~ Christian

The Process


Take our comprehensive assessment online


Unpack your results with one of our coaches


Explore your options with guidance from our coaches


Step into you career with the Directional Wisdom you need to be successful

10 Life Changing Benefits of Working with Careers With A Purpose.

  • Identify your key strengths and find reliable criteria to set your career path.
  • Understanding our coaching process builds confidence through having a systematic approach.
  • Discover your emotional, relational and spiritual gifting allowing you to live a life of purpose.
  • Recognize the desires of your heart so you can understand how God made you.
  • Free yourself from well-meaning opinions when planning your career.
  • Experience career coaching that allows you to mature into the person God intended.
  • Build healthy relationships by learning how to appreciate the gifts of others.
  • Understand the uniqueness of which jobs best fit you when considering career options.
  • Learn how to use your gifts to function effectively in the work world.
  • Establish a plan, with purpose, that sets you up for total success.

Careers With A Purpose identified the strengths in our two college-aged boys. We aligned their college majors and that streamlined their college graduation.

~ Kelle